Benefits of interval training for hunters
Greg C. Moriates

Greg C. Moriates

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benefits of interval training for hunting

by Train Hunt Eat


Interval training is a type of exercise that involves alternating short periods of high-intensity activity with periods of rest or low-intensity activity. Here are some benefits of interval training for hunting:

  1. Improved cardiovascular fitness: Interval training can help improve your heart health and lung capacity, which is essential for maintaining stamina during a hunt.
  2. Increased endurance: The short, intense bursts of activity in interval training can help improve your endurance, which is important for longer hunts or for pursuing fast-moving game.
  3. Enhanced muscular strength and power: Interval training can help improve your muscular strength and power, which is important for activities like hiking, climbing, and carrying heavy equipment.
  4. Increased metabolism and fat burning: Interval training can help boost your metabolism and burn fat more efficiently, which can be beneficial for maintaining a healthy weight and body composition for hunting.
  5. Improved mental toughness: Interval training can help improve your mental toughness and ability to push through physical discomfort, which is important for the mental demands of hunting.
  6. Better performance in challenging terrain: Interval training can help prepare your body for the physical demands of hunting in rugged or uneven terrain.
  7. More efficient use of time: Interval training can provide a time-efficient workout that can be completed in less time than traditional workouts, allowing you to spend more time on other aspects of hunting preparation.

Overall, interval training can be a valuable component of a well-rounded hunting fitness regimen, helping to improve your physical and mental preparedness for the demands of a hunting trip.


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