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Train Hunt Eat was started by Greg Moriates, to help hunters, get back into fitness and break free of the “FAT HUNTER” stereotype.  Train Hunt Eat was also formed because Greg was tired of seeing hunting buddies and hearing stories of the hunter who died of a heart attack in the woods.  At Train Hunt Eat, we pride ourselves on simplicity and results.  Our main goal, our value, is providing the hunter, the outdoor enthusiast, from beginner to advanced, the tools that are required to change your life and allow you to live the outdoor life that you intend to live.   We gear our AFFORDABLE programs on helping you achieve greatness.  Are you looking to hunt in the mountains, prepare for a long weekend backpacking, scaling that new peak, prepare for an adventure race, or just trying to get back in shape?  If so, we have the right program for you…PERIOD!!

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Train for the Hunt and Hunt to Eat

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Our training programs are about simplicity, affordability, and RESULTS!
We give your the tools to reach your fitness goals. Enter the hunting season ready to tag and bag without having a heart attack!

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Team Train Hunt Eat is about the lifestyle of Training for the Hunt and Hunting to Eat. We are not just a team, we are a lifestyle!

Archery Programs

Looking to hit the "10" ring more I put the next arrow in the boiler room, are you looking to hold steadier at the Shot, or help eliminate Target Panic?
Train Hunt Eat, has the right program for you!

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