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Greg C. Moriates

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Four Week Archery Fitness Program

by Train Hunt Eat

Week 4....Week 4....Week 4 - LAST WEEK!

Challenge: “Archer’s Stamina Boost”

Duration: 4 weeks (July)

Objective: Improve your stamina, strength, and stability to enhance your performance as an archer.

Weekly Workout Schedule:

Week 4:

  • Day 1: Circuit Training
    • Create a circuit consisting of exercises like jumping rope, kettlebell swings, mountain climbers, and tricep dips. Complete 3 rounds with minimal rest in between.
  • Day 2: Flexibility and Mobility
    • Incorporate dynamic stretches and mobility exercises to improve range of motion in key areas such as shoulders, hips, and back.
  • Day 3: Rest and Reflection
    • Take a day off to rest and reflect on your progress throughout the month. Visualize your archery goals and mentally prepare for future challenges.

Get at It!


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Greg Moriates

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