Welcome Wicked Tree Gear

Welcome Wicked Tree Gear

Welcome Wicked Tree Gear

We are Proud to announce that Wicked Tree Gear is now a proud sponsor of Train Hunt Eat and Team Train Hunt Eat.  


At Train Hunt Eat, we believe in the equipment we endorse and the companies that sponsor Team Train Hunt Eat.  That is why we asked Wicked Tree Gear if we can proudly endorse their products.  


What is Wicked Tree Gear?  Wicked Tree Gear is the Toughest Saws on the Planet.  They provide the longest lasting, fastest cutting, toughest tree trimming equipment.  When you Train to Hunt and Hunt to Eat, you need nothing but the best and the toughest equipment.  We cannot waste time clearing shooting lanes and having sub-par equipment while setting stands 20+ feet up a tree.  When you Train to Hunt and Hunt to Eat, you cannot get hung-up on that branch when setting the perfect stand.    


Team Train Hunt Eat, requires the best.  That is why we chose Wicked Tree Gear.  We are excited to welcome Wicked Tree Gear to the team.  Why is Wicked Tree Gear the best and why is Train Hunt Eat so excited to have them support our Team?  Check out the video below to find out.


Welcome Wicked Tree Gear

Once again, we are proud to announce Wicked Tree Gear to Train Hunt Eat where we require the best when we Train to Hunt and Hunt to Eat. 


If you are looking for tree saws, pruning sheers, bone saws, etc.  You need to check Wicked Tree Gear out today.


Become a member of Team Train Hunt Eat to reap the discount benefits of Wicked Tree Gear and many other Train Hunt Eat Sponsors.  

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