Why is Working Out Important for the Hunter?

Why is Working Out Important for the Hunter?

Why is Working Out Important for the Hunter?

Jake Schluckebier

Jake Schluckebier

Train Hunt Eat - Pro Staff

Should a Hunter Workout?

As hunters, we often think of ourselves as physically active. Yes, this is true, especially if you’re out stalking some upland birds or even dragging that big buck back to the truck. By the end of the day, we feel like we have done a month’s long work out in 12 or so hours.

But does this mean we are really in proper shape? Does this suffice for working out, getting the heart and lungs working properly? Does this count as a good stretch? I’m sure you could “stretch” the answer to these questions with a yes, however it’s not enough!


All professional athletes, youth athletes, college athletes and military members as well as a wide variety of hobbyists stretch and have a detailed workout routine for their perspective event. For instance, a high school football player; his responsibilities include running down a field and catching a ball and running to the end zone to score points. Before practice or a game, his coach would have him and the rest of the team do a variety of stretches, pushups, sit-ups, jumping jacks and sprints to work different muscle groups, build up endurance and to get the heart and lungs warmed up.


The team also probably lifts weights on a regular basis to build muscle strength and target specific muscle groups such as calves, biceps, triceps, etc. For the football team these are all important things to do to maintain a healthy body and avoid or minimize the chance of injury.


Back to why and how this affects hunting? An example of why this is important would be; say you decide to go out pheasant hunting with some buddies and you haven’t done any kind of endurance training or working out or weightlifting for quite some time. You go out, carrying your shotgun and walk approximately 5 miles throughout the day, climbing through tall and rough terrain. You struggle all day to catch a breath and keep up with the line. 


By the time you get home and ready to just relax, your hips hurt, and you feel like your lungs took on a 500-mile run! The next morning your lower back hurts so bad you can barely bend over to put on your socks.


This is from the day of extreme physical exertion. All these ailments could’ve been avoided or minimized a great deal if you’d been working out a little each day, stretched before going out hunting and just didn’t let yourself go!


You don’t have to be a body builder or workout 5 times a day to be in proper shape to avoid the ailments I described. A simple dedicated routine of one hour a day would take you from “zombie after hunting” to a much better feeling of endurance and successful day of physical obstacles you cleared with no worries!

Stay safe and in shape friends and don’t let the big one get away!

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