Weekly Workout Challenge

Weekly Workout Challenge

Full Body Workout Without Weights!

Greg C. Moriates

Greg C. Moriates

Owner of Train Hunt Eat

Train Hunt Eat
Workout of the Week

Fitness is more that just picking things up and putting them down!  Fitness is about life.  About living a better life without pain.  Fitness allows you to life a life that will allow you to push the limits.  

At Train Hunt Eat, we challenge you to complete our weekly fitness challenges so that we can help  you become a better you.  THESE ARE ALL FREE.

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Train Hunt Eat Workout of the Week

Three to Four times a Week 

Pushups – 15 Reps

Mountain Climbers – 30-60 Seconds 

Diamond Push-ups – 10 Reps


Deep Squat – 15 Reps

Planks – 3 reps of 30-60 seconds

Bicep Curls – 10-15 Reps

Lateral Shoulder Raises – to Failure

Rinse and repeat with 45 seconds rest between 3-6 sets.

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