Free Weekly Workout
Greg C. Moriates

Greg C. Moriates

Owner - Train Hunt Eat

Welcome to the Challenge!

Free Weekly Workout

by Train Hunt Eat

Coaches Notes

Enjoy another FREE weekly workout from Train Hunt Eat.

Everyday you should set challenges.  Challenges push you past your limits and into a new level of fitness, a new level to yourself. 

This week we are going to continue to focus full body workout by using the Train Hunt Eat Core Five and add in some upper body movements.  We will also increase intensity.  We build intensity by increasing volume and decreasing rest.

It is also time to increase and build on our Cardio!!

Fitness should be the focus of your life to health, stability, and executing the archery shot.

Everyone Loves a FREE Weekly Workout!


On this workout, make sure you focus on form.  If you get tired, push through as best you can.  20 seconds per movement: 10 seconds rest per exercise. 

Repeat this routine 4 to 8 sets on 1 minutes rest – 4 to 6 days a week as a supplement to your daily routine.


Cardio is often left out of workouts, especially in men.  There is always the feeling that you are going to lose mass or bulk if you focus on cardio.  Maybe, buy cardio is needed for life.  Cardio is essential for life.  Go out and run.  Run what you are able to do and keep it consistent.  Three days a week with a 10% increase at weeks end.  If you can do 1 mile great, if you can due 10, great.  However, this time I want you to add in 40 second repeats.  After a nice 5-10 minute easy job, run 40 sec, walk or lightly jog 30 seconds.

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Remember to always consult a health care professional before performing any exercise plan.

“I truly believe in hard work, dedication, and self-discipline.”

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