6 Ways to Stay Motivated

6 Ways to Stay Motivated

6 Ways to Stay Motivated

How to Stay Motivated

Greg C. Moriates

Owner of Train Hunt Eat

6 Ways to Stay Motivated

Motivation is often the missing key to your success.  By success, I do not only mean financial, success is anything that brings you closer to your goals.

It’s not uncommon to experience times in your life when motivation is lacking.  It’s just not ideal.  As you already know, you need to find your motivation and stay motivated in order to succeed.

The motivation you have, the more you can accomplish. 

Here are 6 ways to increase your motivation:

1. Hit your power pose.  This is something I observed from John Spener Ellis.  What is a pose/body posture that makes you feel unstoppable? If you know it, do it while you breathe deeply.  It will help put you in a better state of mind.  If you don’t yet have a power pose, take a strong stance, lift your chest upward and look upward while your take a long/deep breath. 

2. Think of your challenge as a fresh start. We get many fresh starts in life, as a matter of fact, each day that we wake up is a fresh start.  View each day and each challenge as  something positive, and a way to do things better or differently so you get a more desirable result.

3. Write a contract with yourself.  It is proven that if you write out your goals and plan, you have a better chance to achieve your goals and stay motivated longer. So write it out, and sign your name.  It’s a commitment to yourself to complete the task you said was important.  

4. Use affirmations. These are words or phrases you tell yourself to gain a mental edge.  You can say things to yourself such as: I am strong, I am resourceful. I am smart. I can do this. I have the ability to see this through.

5. Reward yourself along the way. Sometimes people wait until they reach “the big goal” before they celebrate.  Consider, celebrating the small er victories along the way.  If your goal is to run a marathon, climb a peak, track an elk, reward yourself for the 5k, 10k and half-marathon finishes as well.

6. Have an accountability partner.  With Team Train Hunt Eat, we are each other’s accountability partner. Why?  Because we know it works.  When you have someone checking in on you to ensure you are on track, reaching your goals, have questions, seeking advise or just need to talk, it makes you more responsible.  The result is more motivation and more desired outcomes while we all follow our passions.

So go out there and get motivated.  At Train Hunt Eat, we are with you all the way. 

Start immediately.  


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