Waccamau Hunting Services

Waccamau Hunting Services

Waccamau Hunting Services

South Carolinas Top Outfitter?

Greg C. Moriates

Greg C. Moriates

Owner of Train Hunt Eat

Waccamau Hunting Services

Let me take you back to 2005.  My dad was diagnosted with stage 4 colorectal cancer.  There are a lot of emotions that go through your mind when you hear the diagnosis and prognosis.  Mine was, I need to bring my dad hunting.  But not just hunting on the small plots of property that we have been hunting for years.  I wanted to spoil him with a deer hunting adventure that I could afford but also allow him the opportunity to actually see a buck.  See, where I use to hunt, it was the, fill the tag mentality. I wanted to provide my dad something epic.


I sat on the computer of hours, starting with the state that I wanted to hunt.  One of the side effects of chemotherapy is that you can become hyper sensitive to cold.  So I needed to find a state that had world class hunting opportunities and warm climate.  So I though, Carolinas, Georgia, and Texas.  


After research and looking over a brochure (yes, they had brochures at that time…actual paper and mail), I choose Waccamau Hunting Services of Hemmingway, SC.  I spoke to Mr. Rick Grubbs on the phone, told him what I was looking for, setup some dates and we were all set.


Now the wait, more waiting and waiting again until October came.  

What to Expect

Pulling up to Waccamau Hunting Services, there are two cabins.  One for the hunters and one for the boss man, Mr. Rick Grubbs.  Rick meets you with a hard handshake and a lesson on the minimum size of the buck that you can take that will coincide with his wildlife management plan.  


He will show you a wall of “shirt-tails” with names and dates on each one of them.  Keeping up with his tradition, if you miss an animal, he will cut the back of your shirt (Hence, Shirt-Tail).  It does not matter what brand, type, or cost of the shirt,  he will cut it.  Trust me, I know.  Therefore, I recommend a crapy t-shirt under everything.  Or…Better Yet…Don’t Miss!


Rick with then be brutally honest with you.  He will have no problem telling you if it is going to be a tough hunt or telling you that the deer are very active.  Rick will get pissed if you eat your grits wrong (according to his rules).  


Waccamau Hunting Services, has a rifle range and an archery range to get zeroed in, and you are ready to go. You hunt from stands, ground blinds, fields, woods, swamps, etc.  You hunt over corn, peanuts and food plots.


By the Way, his son Will, will put you to shame.  Trust me, this kid has harvested more animals before becoming a young adult than you will likely harvest in a lifetime.  He can drive a nail at 200 yards and he will kill a world class buck, boar and turkey in cowboy boots and crocks.  Yup, he will put you to shame.  


The Hunt


Don’t expect Rick to wake you up!  You get your a$ out of bed and get your coffee in you before Rick wakes up and loads up.  He will leave without you!  DO NOT FORGET TO SHUT OFF THE LIGHTS!!!!


Right before the hunt, you can see Rick figuring out what is the best stand to put his hunters in.  He thinks about the wind, temperature, moon, etc.  Rick does not put you in a stand that he does not think you will have the opportunity to put an animal down.  He will also not over hunt a stand and will only take a maximum of 5 hunters, period.


Load up in Ricks truck and head to your stand.   Rick will drop you off 100+ yards from your stand and give you very specific directions to your stand.  Make sure you listen as I have passed my stand numerous times! Oh and he made fun of me for missing the stand.


Settle in your stand, sit tight and wait.  Trust me when I tell you, you will not have to sit long to see some animals.  Deer will surround your stand and boar will be pushing through the corn pile.  This is a fair chase hunt and all animals are free roaming.  No fences and no guarantees.  


Rick will pick you up during lunch time.  You will be fed as much or as little as you want, take an nap, help Rick feed the stands, and before you know it, back in the stand.  By the way, you will work when at camp.  You have no choice and he will not put you in a better stand because of your hard work.  He always puts you in the right stand and will always make you work.



Don't Wait!

I have been going to Waccamau Hunting Services for many years now.  I have brough new hunters to his camp and everyone is treated with respect.  


I watched his son grow up to a respectful young man, I can truly say that Rick is someone I can call a friend.  If you are looking for a great place to hunt boar, turkey, or whitetail,  this is a no-brainer.  Hit the link and reach out to Rick.  



If you are an outfitter and would like to be listed on our websites outfitter section.  Please hit the contact us link and we will be happy to provide you with the details.

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