The Perfect Archery Form

The Perfect Archery Form

The Perfect Archery Form

Does The Perfect Form Exist?

Greg C. Moriates

Greg C. Moriates

Owner of Train Hunt Eat

Is there a Perfect Archery Form?

If you spent anytime at the archery range, chat groups, forums, or any social media channels, you will come across multiple statements, articles, posts, and advice on the perfect archery form.  As a matter of fact, I just googled, “The Perfect Archery Form” and literally, there are 8,810,000 results.  This is just insane!


So how can you actually get real advise about The Perfect Archery Form?  For starters, do not ask anyone on social media to critique your form.  You will get a wide range of advise from “you suck”, “get a new bow”, “draw length is off”, “everything looks perfect”.  


Where do we go with this? 

Where to Start?


Our teachers from kindergarten on had all said the same thing…and they were all correct…WE ARE ALL DIFFERENT.  Eventhough most of us have similar parts, everyone is different.  We are all different from the cellular level to the physical level.  Some people are super flexible and some people can not touch their knees.  Everyones eyes are different, fingers different, legs are different.  As a matter of fact, our noses are difference.


So if we are all different from the cellar level to the physical level, how can there be a Perfect Archery Form?  Does the perfect archery form even exist?  How can it exist if we are all biomachnically different? 


The answer is…Drum Roll Please:

  • How can there be a Perfect Archery Form?  SIMPLE…THERE IS NO PERFECT FORM!
  • Does the perfect archery form even exist?  NO, THE PERFECT ARCHERY FORM DOES NOT EXIST!
  • How can it exist if we are all biomachnically different?  IT CANT!


That is why, at Train Hunt Eat, our Archery Coaching does not worry about the perfect form, we develop the perfect form for the individual archer.  It really is that simple.  The Perfect Archery Form does not exist!


If you don’t believe me, go to a professional level shoot and answer the following question.  Is everyone shooting exactly the same?  NO, NO, and NO.  Some archers have a bent elbow, some extended, some hyper extended, elbow hight, elbow low, all sorts of different grips, etc.

So, NO… The  Perfect Archery Form does not exist.   What does exist is the perfect form for the archer based on their physical ability and biomechanics.  



So Now What! 

This is a simple answer once again.  If your coach, neighbor,  social media archery guru is telling you that your form is wrong,  don’t necessarily listen.  Ask why that individual thinks it is wrong and make your own assessment   


You need to develop the proper form for you and no one else.  That is what we do at Train Hunt Eat.  We focus on the archer and assess the physical and biomechanics of the individual.  Form there and only there, can an archers form be perfected for that archer and that archer only.


Don’t get me wrong, you need to grip the bow properly, have proper stance, aim, release and follow through.  You do need a proper shot sequence in order to improve your shot.  However, your proper grip, stance, aim, release, follow through and shot sequence will never be the same as anyone else.  Does that mean that your form is wrong   Absolutely NOT.  That is your Perfect Form.  


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