Is Social Media Killing the Hunting Industry?

Is Social Media Killing the Hunting Industry?

How Can We Prevent it?

Greg C. Moriates

Greg C. Moriates

Owner of Train Hunt Eat

Is social media killing the hunting industry? 

If so, how do we help prevent it? 

Is social media killing the hunting industry?  If so, how do we help prevent it? 

Whitetail deer hunting season is over for most of the United States so most of the social media activity with pictures of harvested game is slowing down.  If you scan the hunting related pages, you will see a variety of posts from misses, bloody arrows, blood trails, beautiful animals and most of the time, proud hunters.  As a life long hunter, I am just as excited to see your harvested animals as you are….Well, maybe not as excited as you are.

With those images and posts, also comes criticism.  However, with any social media platforms the criticism will come and if you are not able to handle it, don’t post your images.  We also see posts on a daily basis that start with the following…”Not my biggest”….”Only a Doe”….”Last Day so I needed to get it done.” 


Show Your Pride Tastefully!

These comments do not show that you are a proud hunter.  These comments also will bring critics.  See, there are people and organizations on social media platforms that feed on these comments and images of dead animals, bloody arrows, and the “Opps Bad Shot”.  Please do not think that I am telling you that you should not post pictures of your harvest.  What I am getting to, is that there is a right way and a wrong way.  

How to Combat the Critics

Do I think Social Media is killing the hunting industry?  It depends.  It is used for good and bad.  But I will say, it is up to us the hunter(s) to help keep the anti-hunters at bay.  How do we do this?  It is not so easy as we all know that what we say may be used incorrectly.  It is my opinion that these Seven Steps can help when it comes to mending the social media hate when it comes to hunting:


  1. Be proud of your harvest and respect the animal
  2. Make sure you do not show huge wounds and pools of blood (flip the deer around)
  3. Smile when you are taking a picture and state how proud you are and how the animal will feed your family or those in need
  5. No pics of your face and hands full of blood.
  6. No pics of how you put the deer down by a knife to the neck.
  7. Stop showing pictures of a hole through a heart!

Please note, this does not go for the private groups.  This is for public groups in which anyone can comment. Private social media groups, as long are you follow the administrators rules, you can post what you want.


Don’t Judge me…We are on the Same Team!

Before you get upset about this post and become a critic, I understand that hunting has been around since the test of time.  I know that it is our God given right to hunt.  I know that there is a thing called freedom of speech.  I agree with you, trust me I do.  However, we need to understand that once we enter the world of social media were everything is public and can be shared, torn apart and changed in a negative way, it is our duty to make sure that we do not have any posts on public platforms that can be used against us, as hunters, in a negative way.

Thank you.   Practice, scout, stalk, get in shape and show the world how passionate you are about becoming a hunter. 

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