One Step Closer to the Slam: Part I

One Step Closer to the Slam: Part I

One Step Closer to the Slam: Part I

Brian R. Kightlinger

Brian R. Kightlinger


About Brian R. Kightlinger

Brian R. Kightlinger is a talented outdoor writer, hunter, outdoor enthusiast, and family man.  I have gotten to know Brian through the Athens Archery Factory Team.  He is an advocate for the outdoors and understands what it takes to harvest an animal.  Brian also contributes to and is a Team Member of Train Hunt Eat. 

Eventhough Brian and I are geographically 100’s of miles from each other, he is a standup guy.  

Getting to know Brian, I wanted to post his story of the Old Bouble Beard and the Fisher story which entails his pursuit of the double bearded turkey.

One Step Closer to the Slam: Part I

Making my way into the woods I sprayed down with Nature’s Essence scent control and nocked an arrow. Even though the canopy of the thick trees kept the area cooler than being out in the sun, it was still hot. I took one of the logging roads halfway down the steep draw and was already working up a sweat.


Before long I began to see movement down the hill. I glassed the area and saw some Fallow and Sika deer working the draw below me. I sat on a rock for a while and just watched when I heard movement behind me. Coming down the trail behind me was one of the most beautiful Blackbuck Antelope I had ever seen. With his polished, long horns he was tempting being so close but I let him pass at 15 yards never knowing I was there.


Watching the Blackbuck disappear into the draw I stood up and decided to walk a little farther to see if I could locate the Axis Deer. For another hour I scouted through the area. I watched a Mouflon Ram chase two Black Hawaiian Rams around for a while. I wasn’t quite ready to shoot a ram so I kept scouting. About two hours into my hunt I finally saw my first Axis.


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