Hitting the Reset Button

Hitting the Reset Button

Hitting the Reset Button

There is Nothing Wrong With Hitting the Reset Button

Greg C. Moriates

Greg C. Moriates

Owner of Train Hunt Eat

Hitting the Reset Button

We have all been there after a long night of partying, poor eating, depressed, loss of job, career, etc.  The list goes on and on and on and on.  Sometimes you just can’t get out of bed at 5 am to get that workout in or you slept-in, which did not allow you to get to your hunting or fishing spot at the time that you wanted to.  

Well, this is the time to hit the reset button!! 

So many people are worried when they get stuck, make a mistake, can’t lose that extra 10 pounds, fail, etc.  So much so that they just don’t want to move on.  Trust me when I say this…YOU ARE NOT ALONE!!

Your body sometimes is telling you to hit the breaks and hit the reset button.  

But how do you hit the reset button?  First, if you slept in due to a long night of partying, you may need to drink a large glass of water.  LOL!  True but I went off on a tangent.

Here is a simple way to get back on track when you need to hit the reset button!

The Rest Button

Hitting the Reset Button

Now that I got your attention, lets follow a simple path to hitting the reset button.  Of course, if you are clinically depressed or have something that required medical help or assistance, see a medical professional before you come to Train Hunt Eat.  We are not doctors, although we can gut, skin and process animals, I don’t even play one on TV.


Here is you multi-step approach to hitting the reset button:


Hit the Rest Button – Makes sense right?  If you want to hit the reset button, you should hit the reset button?  Not so fast, the reset button is a figure of speech.  The reset button is a internal button in which you must want to hit.  It is digging deep inside and determining that this is not working and I want to Change!  If you want to hit the reset button, then hit it…But you need to want to hit the reset button.


Clear the Negativity – Once you decide to hit the reset button, you need need to clear the negativity from your life.  By negativity, I am talking about internal and external.  Clear all the negativity from your life.  Could be a person that rubs you the wrong way or just sad internal thoughts.  Do what you can to rid them from your life.  It is not simple and takes some serious internal and external reflection.  However, removing the negativity from your life is essential to hitting the reset button.


Increase the Positive – In the last step, we removed the negative.  Now we need to replace it with the positive.  You need to ask yourself, what do you want?  What makes you Happy?  We are in a hunting and fishing world so we know that what makes you happy is being outside.  So maybe your happy place is outside for a hike, bike, archery session, pattern at 200 yards, check those trail cameras or throw in a line.  There is a great article at world archery that explains the benefits of an activity such as archery.  


Start with Little Changes – Make little changes daily.  That maybe getting back to the gym, get your bow tuned, shoot that extra arrow.  Maybe it is as simple as calling a buddy or going for a longer walk, change your fletching.  At Team Train Hunt Eat, we have members do 10 push-ups every hour to help them get out of the rut (not deer rut) and get moving in the right direction.  Little changes now add up to big changes in the future. 


Join a Group with Like Minded People – People underestimate the value in a support group.  I am not talking about the “Hi My Name is…” group.  I am talking about like minded people that help encourage, educate, and learn while providing support.  That is one of the many benefits of TEAM TRAIN HUNT EAT!!!  We discuss training for the hunt and hunting to eat.


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