Consistency + Repeatability = Accuracy

Consistency + Repeatability = Accuracy

Consistency + Repeatability = Accuracy

Key to Accurate Shooting?

Greg C. Moriates

Greg C. Moriates

Owner of Train Hunt Eat

Consistency + Repeatability = Accurancy

If you google “Archery Accuracy” there are over 2,000,000 results.  Everyone has the magic technique, equipment, form, that will make you the best shooter in the country.  Granted, there are some great tips and tricks that you can extract, use and it may make you a better, more accurate, archer.  But then again, you may end up confused and frustrated.


I work on providing real information.  Not fluff, not hype, not something that may or may not work.  I give you real information as you can see from my training programs.  There is no need for nothing but real information.  If you are like me, you have ZERO need for fluff.  You want to get in and out and make progress.  


With that being said, lets get back to the basics in archery accuracy.  Well….I guess, what I am about to state in not only the basics for archery accuracy but the reality is that, this is the basis for a lot of different things in life.   What am I talking about.  I am talking about this simple equation:





In order to achieve accuracy, your shot needs to be consistent and repeatable.  Think about that and let this digest.  In order for your to be accurate, your shot needs to be consistent and repeatable.  Is this for archery only?  Hell no!  It can be for any sport, activity, etc.  Do you think a baseball player will make it to the majors if he/she is not consistent and cannot repeat at a high performance level.  Hell no!!!


Let’s did in a little deeper.  Please keep in mind, we are not going to get in to the minutia of shooting and form at this time…we will in the future.  This is laying down the groundwork for greatness.  If you are looking for additional information, check out our archery training section.



What I am saying is the Consistency + Repeatability = Accuracy.  With that being said, let dive in to the first part of the equation…Consistency.


According to, the definition of consistency is:

  • steadfast adherence to the same principles, course, form, etc.

Hmm..Steadfast adherence to the same principals…form…etc.  Let look at archery or any accuracy based sport.  But lets get back to archery because this is Train Hunt Eat.  Not baseball tennis basketball!


First Shot…You knock you arrow the same, hook the release the same, grip the bow the same, raise your bow arm the same, pull the string the same, anchor the same, engage the appropriate muscles the same, stabilize your sight window the same, aim the same, float the same, shot breaks the same, bullseye (hopefully)!  


Simple, right?


Second shot..You knock you arrow, hook the release, raise your bow arm, pull the string, anchor, engage the appropriate muscles, stabilize your sight window, aim, float, shot breaks, “2” ring! WTF!!!!


What..happened.  Why a “X” followed by a “2”.  Look at the first and second shot in greater detail.  If you don’t have time, I will tell you…”the same” is missing.  Seems pretty simple right?  Well it is!  If you execute the shot the same as you did each and every time that you hit the “X” ring, you will always hit the “X” ring.  


It really is that @#$#@@$ simple.  Execute the shot process consistently and you will consistently shoot.  Mind Blowing?  Not Really…Common Sense.  However, I see it at every range and at every shoot.  You get that inconsistent archer who will be driving tacks for 30 minutes and then scattered all over the target the next 30 minutes.  Why…the archers shot sequence is not consistent.


Start thinking about consistency in your shot process and you will automatically begin to shoot better.  Simple math…Consistency+Repeatability=Accuracy.  Most of use went to school and learned basic math, with this equation, if one of the variables demonizing, your outcome will diminish.








What I am saying is the Consistency + Repeatability = Accuracy.  With that being said, let dive in to the first part of the equation…Repeatability.

According to,the definition of repeatability is:


  • to do, make, or perform again.


Here we go again…To do, make, or perform again.  Sounds like we are heading in the right direction.  Consistently perform an action again and again will create accurancy?


Damn right it will!


The trick with repeatability when it comes to archery is that your form, technique, etc., is performed in a way that is natural to you and your biomechanics that will allow you to repeat said action.  The reason why I say “natural to you” is that we are all biomechanically different and I see the same arguments in social media…bend your supporting arm more, less, a little to the left, right, center.  But the reality is that if that individual were to bend their arm slighly more, their rotator cuff surgery that they had or their broken arm from high school may make that action uncomfortable or down right hurt.  How can you or why would you want to continue an action that HURTS? 


YOU CANNOT AND YOU SHOULD NOT!  Archery should not hurt.  


So there goes the second part of the equation, repeatability.  Your shot sequence must be performed is such a way that you can repeat the action, over and over and over and over again.  That simple.  If you cannot repeat the shot sequence, you fail that part of the equation and your accuracy value dimishes.  This = poor accuracy. 


Consistency + Repeatability = Accuracy

Consistency + Repeatability = Accuracy

Makes sense right..Consistency + Repeatability = Accuracy.  


If you can consistently execute your shot sequence and repeat that consistent shot sequence you should be accurately hitting the “X” right every time.  It is when you break down the consistency or repeatability of the equation is when your accuracy will suffer, no more “X” ring and you will get frustrated and aggravated.  That is another equation for another time.


I hope you enjoyed this blog post and if you would like to develop your archery ability and bring it to a higher level, please click here and/or subscribe to our newsletter below.

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