Is There a Best Time to Hunt?

Is There a Best Time to Hunt?

Is There a Best Time to Hunt?

Best Time to Hunt

Greg C. Moriates

Greg C. Moriates

Owner of Train Hunt Eat

Is There a Best Time to Hunt?

Is there a best time to hunt? What do you think?  


If you google “Is There a Best Time to Hunt” there are literally almost 600,000,000 results.  Wow, so you google “Is There a Best Time to Hunt” and you get that many results!!!!



That is just crazy.  Step it up a notch and check the same on facebook or any other social media platform.  That 600 mil number will grow and grow.  


So is there a Best Time to Hunt?  Well before I get to that answer, lets step back a little bit.  Let step back to say the time when you are putting in for your vacation days.  You can google, take out charts, weather history, rut history, etc and find a fairly accurate time to a fairly good or maybe great time to hunt.  


You may schedule your vacation when you took the biggest buck, bull or turkey of your life the previous year.  It may or may not work.  Oops, you forgot to factor in the harvest moon, humidity and…….


The list can go on and on and on.  I know, I did not provide an answer to your question of Is there a Best Time to Hunt? Well, to be frank, there is a 100% best time to hunt.  Do you know what this is?  


Keep Reading!! 

What is the Best Time to Hunt?

Lets break out the weather history, rut schedules, humidity, rain forecast, maybe even the farmers almanac.  Ah, I also forgot about the harvest moon again.


Well, if you are looking at all of these different factors, you absolutely have a science and math mind like myself.  But what I am telling you to do will likely make you throw up in your mouth.  Ready for it…throw out all the data. Why, well because if you are not the owner of an outfitter in which your client comeback rate is dictated on seeing animals or having an epic experience, your best time to hunt is based on the following criteria:




You see what I am getting at here?  The Best Time to Hunt is quite simply anytime that you can go hunting.  It could be raining, pouring, hot, cold, animals are moving at night, oh yea and the harvest moon did not come yet.  



None of these factors matter.  The best time to hunt is when you can hunt.  Period.  End of Discussion.  



I always took off work at our hunting camp around opening week of archery and gun.  Sometimes, it worked out for us and we were able to see animals and sometimes even fill the freezer.  Then sometime, we saw nothing.  Did that make it a bad time to hunt? Absolutely not.  Hunting is more about the tradition, experience, family and friends then it is about the Best Time to Hunt.



Trust me, I fall trap to the data all the time.  But, the day off that I have that I can get out in the woods, is 100% the best time to go hunting for me!!


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