Best Custom Bowstrings

Best Custom Bowstrings

Best Custom Bowstrings

Greg C. Moriates

Greg C. Moriates

Owner of Train Hunt Eat

Does a Quality Bowstring Matter

Well, lets be honest…A custom quality bowstring does matter, period! 

You may ask why?  

The answer is simple, zero string stretch, zero peep rotation, not effected by the conditions, etc.  I can go and on and on.  When in-fact the really simple answer is…YES!!! A custom quality bowstring does matter!  So how do you choose the best custom bowstrings?

How to Choose a Company for your Bowstrings

How to Choose the Best Custom Bowstrings is a valid question. 


With a ton a good companies out there, it can become difficult to determine if a company that is making bowstrings out of their basement are just as good as a larger business?   


Well, some of those bowstring makers that are making bowstring in their basement may in fact be good bowstring maker.  However, as much as there are good ones, there are also just as many bad ones.


That is why I choose 60X Custom Strings. Their process is simple, reliable and accurate.  My opinion, the make the best custom bowstrings.


With 60X Custom Strings, you tell them the bowstring materials you want, the length of your strings and cables, bow make and model followed by any color combination that they carry.  


Press order and within a few days, you have the exact bowstring at your door. 


Over the years, I have ordered bowstrings from 60x Custom Strings and each and every time they are spot on.


I basically mount the strings and cables and the specs of the bow are the same.  You really can’t beat that.  Quality, to spec bowstrings with any color combination you can imaging!


On top of all of the above, they warranty their bowstrings for one (1) year!!


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