Benefits of Shed Hunting

Benefits of Shed Hunting

Benefits of Shed Hunting

Tips and Benefits to Shed Hunting

Greg C. Moriates

Greg C. Moriates

Owner of Train Hunt Eat

Shed Hunting

The first leaves are forming on trees, tulips are pushing through the earth, snow is melting (if you live in a climate with snow), crocuses as blooming, and the birds are singing!

Wait, What!!!  This is about shed hunting, not a romantic scene from some xyz show. 

Ha! Still got your attention. 

If you are a hunter, you know that early spring is the time to chase down some turkeys or look for sheds.  If you are a big game hunter, you are likely itching to go shed hunting during the early spring.  Maybe to scout a new area, see if the bruiser you had on camera all season made it through the hunting season.  Maybe you need to get out and set some fresh air.  Whatever your reason maybe, here are some hints and benefits of shed hunting.

Benefits of Shed Hunting

Exercise – Come on!!  We are Train Hunt Eat where we Train to Hunt.  Of course, I am going to put exercise on the front burner.    Shed hunting is the perfect time to stretch out those winter legs and get outside.  Put some miles on and increase intensity by wearing a pack. 

Family Bonding – You spent the past few months sitting in a tree stands or out on hunting trips whenever your schedule, or boss allowed you to.  Shed hunting is a great time to bring your family out on an outdoor adventure.  Shed hunting, family, and fitness.  Winner, Winner, Chicken Dinner.

Early Season Scouting – Anytime you are shed hunting, you can find a new spot or new area.  You are not worried about spooking game or making noise.  You are looking for game signs including sheds, trails, rubs, bedding areas, food sources, water sources, etc. Chances are, if you see some rubs, trails and food sources, you likely found a new or better spot.

Set up Trail Cams – As part of your early season scouting, why not put out a trail cam or two when you find all the signs that point to a honey hole.  Now is the time so that if the spot does not seem to be a honey hole, you can still switch gears and look at other locations or maybe you just need to pivot 50 yards.   


Binoculars – Bring your binoculars.  I trust Vortex Optics as my go to glasses.  They are clear, affordable and their warranty is second to none.  Binoculars can help you cover more area in less time.

Be Prepared to Walk – Just walk and walk miles.  Keep scanning as if you were still hunting without stopping every couple of steps.  Wear comfortable boots and clothing.

Bring a Backpack – Just as if you were going hunting or hiking bring a backpack with layers of clothes and some basic first aid gear.  Remember to also bring a trail camera or two, water, band aids, whistle, knife, etc.

Look Small, never stop looking, and slow down – I am sure you do not need an explanation on this one.

Overcast Days Are Best – I have a strong opinion that the best day to do anything is the day that you can do it.  It really is that simple.  If you have the time and can, then do.  However, the best time, if you have the option to shed hunt is on an overcast day as the antlers seem to give a little shine. 

Get out there and start looking for some sheds.  Make it a family event and find that honey hole for when the season heats up.


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