Health and Wild Game

Health and Wild Game

Health and Wild Game

Is Eating Wild Game Better for Your Health?

Greg C. Moriates

Greg C. Moriates

Owner of Train Hunt Eat

Heath and Wild Game?

Is Eating Wild Game Better for Your Health?

The other day, I asked a group of like minded outdoorsman and health enthusiasts what is the reason they hunt? There were a wide variety of answers to this question.  However, all and all, they all pointed to being in nature, tradition, and I love the taste of wild game.


Later on that day, I was shopping at my local grocery store looking at the meat section.  There were no labels indicating when the meat was harvested, butchered, prepared, the facility it was prepared, fat content (except for chopped meat), etc.  Damn, some of the meat was almost completely oxidized.


I makes you think, where the #$&%^# is this meat from.  Is this actual beef that is handled properly.  How old is the beef? 


Then I go to my freezer and I have wild game, processed by me or a butcher, labeled, dated and frozen.  This lead to some research and the added benefits to hunting.  Here are some items that I came up with:


  • You know the exact date, time, location that the game was harvested.
  • You know that the animal was not injected with hormones, fillers, subpar nutrients, etc.
  • You know how the animal was handled, processed, and the date in your freezer.
  • You know that the protein is leaner and healthier that the crap at the grocery store.
  • You will not have to take the risk of e-coli or other food handling issues.
  • And on and on and on!!!! 


This is just a small list of things that are coming to my mind.  I am sure there are many more problem that arise from not knowing where your food comes from.  Could the food that we have no idea how it is processed or raised be contributing to the cancer epidemic? Maybe!?  I can’t be sure…however, I would rather consume protein from an animal that I know that I harvested on this date, time and location.



Heath and Wild Game – Nutrition

When it comes to nutrition, you can clearly see from the chart above that Wild Game is absolutely better for you based on the calorie count, protein and fats.  Wild game that you harvest right from the county, are typically lower in calories, higher in protein and less fat that the typical beef and pork that you find that the local grocery store.  


Based on that macronutrients, you can see that eating wild game is in fact healthier!!


Now lets get real for a minute.  As hunters, fisherman and individuals that not only love the outdoors and what it provides were are also human that operate efficiently with putting the right proteins, fats, fluids and carbohydrates into our bodies.  When you eat what you know, you will most definitely be healthier as compared to eating the food you have no idea of the history as compared to the elk that you tracked, hunted and processed in Colorado.


So next time someone does not understand why you would eat wild game, point them in this direction.  Keep eating what you harvest and keep harvesting what you eat.  


Enjoy health as being the added bonus of being a hunter.


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