Archery Lessons – Focus

Archery Lessons – Focus

Archery Lessons – Focus

How To Be Laser Focused

Greg C. Moriates

Greg C. Moriates

Owner of Train Hunt Eat

Archery Lessons - Focus

Today’s Archery Lessons brought to you by Train Hunt Eat is about Focus. Focus is one of the most important aspects when it comes to anything that you do in life, shooting, archery, athletics, etc.  However, unless you are an Olympic or professional athlete, the focus aspect of archery lessons is often overlooked or not even addressed in your archery lessons.  Frankly, it is a component of coaching criteria that is often left out.

During this Archery Lesson, we are going analyze and develop a plan to help stay focus during you training sessions weather is it archery, marksmanship, training or anything that you do in life that requires laser focus.

According to Merriam-Webster, the definition of Focus is:  center of activity, attraction, or attention.

Therefore, to focus is to make the task at hand the center of all things.  For example, to focus on your performance, you need to make that activity the center of your activity.


Three Steps to Achieve Laser Focus

Archery Lessons – Focus

Three Steps to Achieve Laser Focus:
  1. Set Your Intention – Before you go in to any training session you need to focus on your result. What is the goal of the training session?  Are you going to work on shot execution, tuning, muscular endurance…Are you going into a competition where you intend to win or improve your scores…Are you looking to [FILL IN THE BLANK]?  Set your intention for the training session and focus on that training session, archery lessons, goal etc., ONLY!!  Please note, multitasking is BS and if you want to succeed in anything, you need laser focus…DO NOT MULTITASK!!
  2. Quiet Your Mind from Internal Distractions– It is very important to quiet your mind!!  You need to clear out all the negativity or what I like to call mind garbage.  There are many ways to clear your mind garbage such as meditation, EFT, deep breathing, or simply listening to your “quite your mind” music.  We will dive in to the different technique to quiet you mind at a later date.
  3. Clear Your External Distractions – This one could be difficult.  However, the only way to get through archery lessons or training sessions with laser focus is to also clear your external distractions. 
  • Identify the distraction
  • Remove the distraction
  • If you cannot remove the distraction, mask the distraction 

So how do we remove the distractions?  Well…if it is that individual that keeps adding their two cents or the person whom thinks they are better or are trying to distract you…simply don’t go into focused archery lessons or training sessions with them.  If that is impossible, I find that masking the distraction by putting in ear buds and blasting some of your favorite music works really well.  However, you need to see what works for you.  

There you go.  Follow these three steps to stay focused and you are on your way to reaching optimal performance.  Make sure you subscript to our newsletter below so that you do not miss any information.


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